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Building the Future

Eliseo Pausa Peris

Like Ying and Yang, my passion is divided between Industrial and Graphic Design, fields in which I worked in the last 10 years helping companies to provide and develop added values in their differents projects.

Interior Design

Commercial & Interior Design

Commercial interior design for a better brand presence and interaction with the workers and users

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design for corporate image, brand style, product image, books and catalogues layout, UI/UX design among other appliances.

3D Remderomg

3D Renders

Design and modeling of 3D elements for product and architectural infographics

Interior Design

Industrial Design

Design of industrializable products such as furniture, products for habitat, electronic products

Who am I

Eliseo Pausa Peris

Spanish Industrial & Graphic Designer based in Malmö, Sweden. Her charming story begins at a young age in her family’s electronics workshop. At the same time, this family legacy meets the fervent artistic line of his father as Marketing Director in international companies Spain. This leaves a clear mark where he seeks to unite the two worlds, technical-artistic in one and begins his educational and then professional life, as an industrial designer seeking the essence of beauty in the practicality of the technique.

His interest in practical concepts is reflected in his work.

These focus on creating hybrid meaning in the designed products and connecting them with the physical-sensory world, between industrial designs and graphic designs, always keeping the balance between creativity and functio-nality, elegance and efficiency.


Let’s Build Something

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212 14 Malmö, Sweden
+46 (0) 7862 251 072